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CRUS West 2023

Point-of-care ultrasound is revolutionizing care for the critically ill patient. Ultrasound allows the treating clinician to exploit the rapid, portable and repeatable nature of the technique to assist in decision making for those with shock, respiratory failure or in need of invasive procedures.

The Canadian Resuscitative Ultrasound Course (CRUS) 2023 will focus on the core skill set required to begin the road to competency in this exciting area. This will include didactic and hands-on sessions, with emphasis on image acquisition, image interpretation and clinical integration. With particular emphasis on cardiac and respiratory failure, as well as vascular access, this course is ideally suited for those caring for the gravely ill patients typically seen in the acute care environment including the ICU, OR or ED. 

This course uses a flipped classroom model where lectures will be provided ahead of time in electronic format to enhance your learning.

CRUS-WEST Director

Brian Buchanan MD MMEd FRCPC-