Acute Care US Rotation


Over the last decade years, bedside ultrasound has evolved to become an integral aspect to care for the acutely ill patient. From ultrasound-guided vascular cannulation to focused echocardiography, bedside ultrasound includes an array of goal-directed ultrasound examinations that enables decision making at the point-of-care. Critical care ultrasound (CCUS) is the summation of this skill set in the setting of critical and complex medical and surgical illnesses.

 CCUS encompasses an array of targeted point-of-care assessments including hemodynamic assessment, multi-system sonography, and procedural guidance. As an adjunct to caring for unstable patients, CCUS allows the practitioner to refine the diagnostic differential, expedite the diagnosis and management of life-threatening diseases, and improve the safety of procedures. While the potential benefit of CCUS to both patients and practitioners is promising, the skill must be carefully honed and rigorously applied. 

This rotation will equip the senior post-graduate learner with the cognitive and technical skill set to begin safely and effectively performing CCUS on patients with acute illnesses. You will work one-on-one with a CCUS expert, including a faculty member and/or CCUS fellow.

 Our rotation has several key features including:

  • Online eClass (see link below) with flipped classroom video tutorials and organized references
  • Portfolio tracking and dedicated feedback via QPath E, online digital archiving
  • Dedicated hands-on teaching and weekly image interpretation sessions
  • Participation in monthly ABSono ultrasound rounds
  • Dedicated time for self study

If you are interested in participating in this rotation, please contact