Submission for Quality assurance

Submission for quality review is one of the best methods to get feedback on a scan. QPath E comes equipped with a robust notification system that uses email to notify both QA submitters and QA reviewers when studies are ready for feedback or review, respectively.

Submission for QA

Once you have completed the worksheet, press “submit for QA”. This button is at the top, highlighted in image left in red. You may have have to click the small arrow on the top bar to expand the possible buttons. You can only submit for QA if you are an assigned exam operator. Please note your name must be on the study as “operator” to submit for QA.

Submission details

You will be promped to submit your exam to a specific reviewer. In the Dept of CCM or while on a ultrasound rotation this will include CCUS fellows, Dr Brian Buchanan or Dr. Vincent Lau.

If you are in another department, please ask your program director who your delegated reviewer is.


Once your exam has been submitted for educational QA it will be reviewed. You will receive a notice via email when this process is completed. You can check back on QPath E for a notification. The image on screen left shows the QA form which will document quality of acquisition and interpretation. You will only be able to see educational QA forms on exams you specifically have documented.