Archiving & reporting on QPath E

QPath E is cutting edge image archiving and reporting software that allows image storage, reporting, educational feedback, and image categorization for later review.

This tutorial will permit users to open QPath E and enter basic exam details. This webpage also contains tutorials for how to submit for QA review.

Welcome to this section on QPath E. Herein we will describe how to use this potent digital image archiving and educational software. This guide will show you how to do complete the following tasks:

  • Access QPath E from your AHS desktop computer
  • How to select the appropriate exam
  • How to document your findings and impression
  • How to submit for QA
  • How you will receive feedback

Accessing QPath E

QPath E can be accessed from any AHS computer or via VPN. Type “qpath/” into the URL bar. This should automatically take you to the QPath E homepage. If this does not work, try changing the browser. Your login information is your HEALTHY/ AHS computer login.

the grid

The default grid list should show up, revealing all of the current clinical exams. The clinical exams shown should be ones done within your clinical department (eg. Department of Critical Care Medicine). You can locate a specific operator or patient in the “Search” bar. What exams you see on this grid depend on which department your user ID is assigned to.


You can filter out specific exams, by left clicking the 3 small dots to the right of the text in each column. Under “filter” you can choose the appropriate term including “ICU cardiac” as an example.

Editing exam type

Once you have highlighted the exam you have performed, select “Edit” from the above toolbar. A dialogue box will arrive on screen right. Within this dialogue box you can select:

  • The “exam type”: all exams in the ICU are labelled as such “ICU cardiac exam, ICU thorax exam, etc”.
  • The operator or exam performer can also be selected by pressing on the green cross and searching for your name. You will only be able to comment on exams where you are included as an operator.

Finally, note that exam editing can also be done within the exam itself after double clicking on the correct profile.


Once you have double clicked on the profile, the website will bring you into the main page. The panes are broken down in the following way:

  • The left most pane/ section shows the images. This can be viewed 1×1 or 4×4 or even expanded to cover the entire screen.
  • The middle pane/section shows the exam worksheet you have selected. 
  • The right most pane/ section shows the educational quality assurance form, which will be completed by an expert reviewer and only viewable by the operator of that exam.

Splitting exams

Within an exam, select “image operations”. This will open an additional image pane. From here you select the images you wish to split, and then press the button at the bottom of the page to split. This will give you the option to move all the images off the original file or to leave copies in the original file. We suggest you split the exam entirely. This will create a separate file entirely.