lung ultrasound in covid-19 pneumonia

The following tutorial will help you perform lung ultrasound examinations for the research study

How to acquire ultrasound images for this study

Welcome to this short webpage outlining how to acquire lung ultrasound images for the “AI in lung ultrasound for respiratory failure in Covid-19.” Below we will outline the step by step process in enrolling patients in this study, acquiring images, and documenting your findings.

Is your patient a candidate?

We will enrolling consecutive consenting adult patients with a clinical history and/or laboratory test results consistent with active covid19 infection, presenting in two settings: (a) hospital emergency room (ER) for assessment, and (b) ICU admission due to respiratory decompensation. ​

N.B this exam can be performed even in patients with suspicion of covid-19, not just those with confirmed infection.

How to perform the exam?

This exam is typically performed with a phased-array probe in the “lung” or “abdominal” preset and a portable ultrasound machine. Before clips are acquired, the patients details should be put in the device–specifically, the PHN/ULI of the patient in “patient ID”. Once this is inserted, select “start exam”.  The “lung” ultrasound preset should be selected.

Each image clip (or video) should be labelled according to the schema below (R1, R2, R3, R4 or L1-L4) through pressing “annotation”. Each site should be recorded on the machine (R=right, L=Left). There are a total of 8 sites to be imaged. Average time to complete the exam can be anywhere from 2-7 minutes depending on patient and examiner factors.


Please see below for the acquisition protocol in VR. Please note that you will need to go to YouTube to activate the VR features.