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Welcome to this workshop on critical care ultrasound. We will cover an array of topics to provide you with the tools to use ultrasound to help care for patients with critical illness.

advanced CCUS

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Perform a basic critical care echo and assess the pericardium, left ventricular function, right ventricular function, and inferior vena cava for an array of life-threatening conditions including tamponade, LV failure, etc.
  • Perform a critical care echo to assess the key cardiac structures to identify and characterize an array of life-threatening conditions including pericardial tamponade, LV failure, RV failure, shunt, pulmonary hypertension, etc.
  • Integrate colour and spectral Doppler assessment to identify and characterize a range of life threatening conditions including ventricular failure, dynamic obstruction, cor pulmonale, and gross valvular diseases.
  • Clinically integrate cardiac ultrasound findings to aid in diagnosis and management of life-threatening illnesses in the acutely unwell patient.
  • Perform thoracic ultrasound and assess for pneumothorax, consolidation, pleural effusions, and interstitial syndromes.

To the point

How this learning module works

The following learning module is meant to be completed prior to the workshop.

We have created this learning module to cater to a wide audience with diverse experience. While we have much on advanced critical care echo, we also provide a review of the fundamentals for those who need to brush up on their foundational skills. As an added bonus, we also provide access to learning modules on lung and thoracic ultrasound for self-study.

Your feedback is welcome, so please consider letting us know what you think at the course!

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Course Content

Basics in physics, imaging, and transducer manipulation
Basics of Critical care echocardiography: Do this if you need to review and refresh!
Introduction to advanced critical care ultrasound: Doppler like its hot! Color & Spectral Doppler
Measuring and interpreting cardiac output
Measuring and interpreting right-sided pressures
Advanced Assessment of Hemodynamics in Venous Thromboembolism
Dynamic obstruction--not just your regular obstruction!
Regional wall motion abnormalities: a growing concern globally!
Extras! Critical care lung ultrasound
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