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Welcome to critical care ultrasound training at the University of Calgary.

The Calgary Critical Care Ultrasound program is taught by seven Intensivists who have completed Fellowships in Advanced Adult Echocardiography or Perioperative Echocardiography. We have a variety of background specialties and have provided a longitudinal basic echo curriculum within the Calgary Critical Care Medicine Residency program for over a decade. Over the last few years our program has been evolving to encompass the broader field of Critical Care Ultrasound to meet the needs of modern Intensivists.

We offer this course as a collaboration between the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. We have spent thousands of hours studying critical care ultrasound and building unique learning resources to provide the best education possible. We hope you find this course helpful and we will continue to update sections as evidence evolves.

This course is designed to bring any critical care practitioner from basics or “core” to more advanced modalities. Do not rush through as you will find it daunting!