About Alberta Sono

Project “ABaCCUS” was started in 2016 as a program to spur the development of high-quality standardizing training in critical care ultrasound in the Edmonton Zone amongst practitioners in critical care medicine. From the development of educational resources to monthly ABaCCUS rounds, our hope is to gradually advance our providers to a new level of excellence in the application of CCUS. We have also assembled a strict educational research agenda to systematically produce and deliver a competency-based curriculum. 

Our program in CCUS took its first steps in September 2016. Beginning with Edmonton-wide CCUS rounds, we have embarked upon a multi-year strategy to provide high quality training and support to critical care physicians, fellows and nurse practitioners. CCUS demonstrates great promise in improving care of the critically ill, especially where it is needed most, at the bedside. Over the last several years, we have implemented a digital imaging repository (QPATH), developed a CCUS rotation, set individual CCUS portfolio targets, and provided robust training to skilled critical care professionals.

We plan to continue to provide training in the Edmonton Zone and in the future, throughout the province.

In 2020, ABaCCUS transformed into “Alberta Resuscitative Sonography” or “Alberta Sono”, as a way to capture the wide array of departments and faculties that practice this critical skill.

 The goal of the Alberta Sono team is to also support other departments/divisions and groups in seeking to realize their goals.