Alberta Resuscitative Sonography

Transforming care through innovation, education, and research in acute care ultrasound at the University of Alberta.


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About Us

Alberta Sono

Welcome to the acute care ultrasound educational hub at the University of Alberta. The overarching objective of Alberta Resuscitative Sonography is to improve standardization of practitioner-performed acute care ultrasound across the Edmonton zone. We encompass an array of specialties including general internal medicine, anesthesia, trauma/general surgery, neonatal/pediatric ICU, and cardiology to enhance access to educational resources, research, and resources in the Edmonton zone and across Alberta.

We are the leading acute care ultrasound group in Alberta spearheading education, innovation, and research.


We are leaders in delivering cutting edge education in acute care ultrasound.


We are a group of highly dedicated clinicians and scientists looking to advance the role of ultrasound technology in caring for the acutely ill.


We provide support and counsel to residency programs looking to build their respective point-of-care ultrasound training.

Supporting innovation, education & research in acute care ultrasound.